Tourist Attractions

Being a resort town near Rodnei Mountains, Sângeorz-Băi is located in the vicinity of several important tourist attractions.

Sângeorz-Băi tourist attractions

After you have spent some time inside the house by the fire or relaxed on the large and picturesque terrace, you can explore the green roof from where you have a splendid view over the surrounding area. In the distance, tall and misty mountains create an intriguing landscape. Close by, mild hills invite you to free yourself from the worries of the bustling city life and admire the village. The fresh green of the delicate yet sturdy plants, covering the whole roof, mix beautifully with the surrounding hills. Charming traditional houses with large and well kept gardens complete the idyllic atmosphere and invite you to meet the people inside. During the day, you can enjoy local life and watch villagers taking care of their households. Your experience is not complete unless have have tried local food or hiked on the most popular trails, over the hills, to the crystal water rivers coming from the mountains. Here, you can meet villagers with an unique lifestyle who live their lives away from the noise of the city.

During the first day of your stay, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Sângeorz-Băi town.  At the house, you will find a brochure that includes a map of the city and useful information about various shops and offices where you can find the support you need during your stay.

Here are some attractions worth visiting:

  • Sângeorz-Băi resort where you can visit the park, the forest and mineral springs no. 1-9 (see brochure).
  • Comparative Arts Museum (see brochure).
  • Artistic Village of Dosul Garciului (see brochure).
  • “Buna Vestire” Monastery at Cormaia (see brochure).
  • Cuibul Visurilor Museum- Maieru locality.  (Nest of dreams Museum)
  • The Clock Tower of St. Peter and Paul Orthodox church.
  • Cormaii Valley (see brochure).
  • The ruins of Rodna Fortress, Rodna.
  • Alpina Blazna Resort.
  • Valea Vinului, 8 km away from Rodna. (The Wine Valley)
  • Bistrita-Nasaud town
  • Nasaud Border Guards’ Museum
  • Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in Parva and Rebra.
  • Dracula Castle from Pasul Tihuța.
  • Liviu Rebreanu Memorial House.
  • George Coșbuc Memorial House.
  • “Andrei Mureșanu” Memorial House.
  • Izvorul Tăușoarelor Cave