Touristic Trails

The Rodnei Mountains, from the extreme Romanian North, have almost everything a mountain aficionado can ask for: lakes, waterfalls, caves, interesting peaks and dry junipers for the evening bonfire.

Touristic trails in the area

In the Rodnei Mountains you can take walks for entire weeks. Spectacular touristic trails not only for adventure lovers, but also for people who want to relax, are very close.

If you have arrived at Popasul Verde the main activity will be to relax and enjoy the good mood. The rest comes naturally.

At a 5-minute walk from our house (I recommend walking and not driving) you arrive at the resort and in the town’s park where you can take a quiet walk or you can stop at the nearby terraces, then visit the beneficial mineral salt  mofettes, and then eventually walk in the Borcutului Forest.

Outside the resort you can walk around the village where you can get in direct contact with our tradition and the simple life of the local people.

Then I recommend you to venture on the hills around Sîngeorz (see the trails brochure) or further through the Rodnei Mountains and up to the Ineu Peak with an height of 2279 m with Lake Laila.


Valea Pragului

If you want to climb the hills, to take a walk in the countryside to Valea Pragului, take it downriver from Popasul Verd, then on the Trandafirilor lane and keep going eastwards near the plum brandy cauldron until the second crossroad on the map, and then go left. And from there, you can climb and wander the hills as long as you want. If you get thirsty really bad, you can relax a bit near a cold spring with good mountain water. After a while you will see a wider road, you’ll keep going to the right near Comaitei water and walk until you reach Cormaia river and the small watchtower near it, an ideal relaxing stand.

From the watchtower, if you keep going towards the river and from the first crossroad you take a right, after about 2 km you will reach Cormaia’s beautiful Buna Vestire Monastery, a small wooden church, from around the 1600s.


Dosu Dealului

You can take another neater trail to Cormaia. From Popasul Verde go down on  Trandafirilor lane and downhill, then you take the first left near the football court. Then again to the left and you start to climb near a beautiful forest. You reach Poduri and then Dosu Dealului and after that you descend to Cormaia, quench your thirst from a mountain spring, go through a very nice birch forest and reach the watchtower. And if you are very hungry, you go downhill along the Cormaia river and reach a Bed & Breakfast where you can eat whatever you want.

You can also drive here and it is way faster. From Popasul Verde walk down to the Town Hall and then go left towards Rodna for about 3 km until you reach the sign to Cormaia, also to the left. There you will find Bed & Breakfasts, a pool, trout farm, a convent and a very beautiful mountain landscape. Well, have a safe trip!